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Cranberryhill Studios Can Reset Creativity

A hummingbird mosaic art project by student Kayla Carlson.

Classes and Creativity at Cranberryhill Studios

Cranberryhill Studios is brimming with activity and much creativity.  Owners Cindy Hill-Pettit and Laurie Crandlemire are busy teaching and showing others how to work with colored glass. Other classes in different painting mediums are offered by local artist Lorraine Bollinger.  Sitting in a cozy nook is the Village Knitiot, Heather Crandlemire, showing organic yarn product while helping knitters of all levels learn the craft.

The building they are filling up is the former Valleywide building located on the Middlefork Road on the south of end of Crouch. A step inside the studios will show many of the stained glass art and mosaics designs created.  Cindy and Laurie are hoping that people walk in feeling inspired to create their own designs.

Rosie Trutanich (L) working on a beginning a stained glass project with teacher Cindy Hill Pettit

There are classes being offered regularly including beginner’s classes. These include mosaics, stained glass and painting which can be watercolor and acrylics. Beginner students often finish a class with a completed project to take home.

Workshop time is available for anyone who wants to work on their projects outside of the class times offered.  There are fees for room usage and glass.  The tools available are included in the fee.  This gives flexibility for anyone who wants to continue to pursue creating art while not having to invest in all the products to make projects. There is a teacher there that can answer questions, too.

The Cranberryhill Studio is looking for people who might be interested in teaching other types of classes. A space can be used for a small fee paid to Cranberryhill Studios.  The person teaching a class can set their own student fees, which they keep.  The classes can be as simple or as complicated as needed.

Art teacher Lorraine Bollinger showing beginner acrylic painting to students Kay Ireland and Cathy Garner.

Stained glass art students are using sanding tools in background. Workshop gives ample room for working on projects.

Upcoming classes are: Lead Work Class on March 8; Paint and Sip Class on March 10th, Spring Mosaic Workshop on March 15.  For further class information, contact Laurie (mosaics) at 208-861-3110 or Cindy (stained glass) 970-376-0027 or Lorraine (painting) at 208-401-4393.



Also check Cranberryhill Facebook page for schedules….or just stop in.

Written by Janet Juroch – BCC Staff

Photos by Janet Juroch – BCC Staff

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  1. What a great opportunity to share ideas and coaching! There’s nothing like working together to inspire.

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