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Planning Park Improvements and Activities as the Weather Improves

Weilmunster Park Pavillion

GV Parks and Recreation monthly meeting -Feb 22, 2017

The meeting of the Garden Valley Parks and Recreation District discussed many things that will be going on in the coming year.  One urgent item they have addressed is the need of a secretary.  They are looking for someone that has a desire to see the vision and need for the park and ongoing activities.  This would be a volunteer position.

The board would like someone that is excited about the growth of the park and wants to be a part of it. Sandy McLain is Treasurer and says that this is one of the easiest boards to be on because everything is laid out in the coming year. The secretary is not a voting member at this time and there is a volunteer job but can have a lot of input of the vision of the Board.

The Garden Valley High School track team is going to have a special fundraiser race event and asked to use Weilmunster Park for this event.  It will be a Color Run race with proceeds to help the track team.  This is an untimed race but the fun is getting a “colored” shower at different stations of the run. The takeaway is the unique color print on the clothing as a memory of the race. This is colored powder which is made from food-grade corn starch and is safe for the participants and the environment. The race will be on April 22nd from 8:15am to 9:15am.

Other topics at the meeting were park maintenance.  They are discussing looking for bids from an individual or a company to contract out work at keeping the park clean and mowed. Further discussion will be at the next meeting to decide what tasks need to be set in place for the bid.

Trail improvement is also high on the wish list.  A plan to pave the trail is being discussed so that people can ride bikes on it and have a better surface than gravel.  There was discussion of proposing a sponsorship of sections of the trail to help pay for portions of the trail. This would assist in paying for the blacktop on all the trail.

Plans to stain the park pavilion as soon as the weather warms up is on the agenda.  The Board also wants to develop a park entry to keep cars from going onto the grass.  With new irrigating plans, they would not want people driving onto the grassy areas.  Another plan is to erect a flagpole with lighting by the Weilmunster Pavilion. Picnic shelters are also being discussed.  The park gets a lot of use in the summer and addition of more picnic sites would enhance the usage.  Twenty-five more trees are to be planted in the fall which will create a more “park-like setting”.

The Northfork Championships in June utilize the park and have asked the Board for allowing camping of the vendors so that they can keep watch of their businesses during that weekend.  The Board has mixed feelings on the effects of allowing camping for this group. There are plans to curtail NFC weekend camping next year since the park will have the additional trees. The park is not generally allowing overnight camping.

Parks and Recreation meetings welcome new ideas and invite people to join in at their meetings held every 4th Wednesday of the month at the GV Library meeting room at 6:00pm.


Written By Janet Juroch – BCC Staff