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Garden Valley Talent Entertained at the Annual Variety Show


A little bit of chaos and a whole lot of fun….wait for it….Someone is calling for Bessie to bring in the milk! The GV Youth Leaders skit.

Talented Performers Shine in the Local Variety Show

Written by Janet Juroch

The 5th annual Garden Valley Talent and Variety Show was another big and successful event. There was standing room only as the event started. A professional sound system that was set up by Cunningham Audio made a difference in the quality of the performances this year. The GV Senior Center sponsors and organizes the event that has grown in popularity every year.

Bill Augsburger – bagpipes

Talented people come out of seemingly nowhere and are able to show off their talents ranging from vocal performances to skits to music to even some cowboy poetry by Allan Scharf.  There were bagpipes played by Bill Augsburger and an accordion performance by Marcia Hefner and friends. Age did not stop the talent performance from 4th grade student Ophelia Ross to the “Grannies” of the local thrift store.

Ophelia Ross

The Grannies Closet Fashion Show







The DJs of GV Community Radio

Some performers, like guitarist Skip Bean, already have CD’s for sale. Others create music in keyboard performances from John Rich. High school students, Martin Monteiro, Daniel Nuzum and Nickolas Monteiro showed remarkable musical creations on their keyboard, electric guitar and drums. Patrick Wampler, an eighth grade student at GV School played the keyboard and left everyone speechless as he performed his own music.

Katy Wentz and Lilly Asher

Patrick Wampler

Ramon Fry

Guitar- Daniel Nuzum, Drums and keyboard, Nickolas and Martin Monteiro






Skits from the Garden Valley Youth Leaders, the Grannies and the DJ’s from the GV Community Radio station made everyone laugh at their creativity. Vocals from young students showed noteworthy talent and is a testament to the school’s music department and music teacher Kelly Hughes. Katie Wentz, Lilly Asher, Sara Jane Fields and Marina Simpson all had vocal pieces they shared with the audience.

Marina Simpson

Richard Wilson started the event with a patriotic song. Ramon Fry went for a very operatic approach. The “variety” continued with a cowboy song presented with guitar and vocals of Doug Haines and Rich Wilson. Local chef, Rob Harold sang some blues accompanied Don Cunningham at guitar and John Rich on keyboard.


Performances were varied and balanced with a little of bit of something for every taste. The Variety Show grows every year and inspires people to chatter about planning to join the show next year.

Photos and video by Janet Juroch 

Rob Harold

Doug Haines