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Crouch City Council Discuss Snow Removal and Approve Building Fees

Photo by Janet Juroch

Crouch City Council held their regularly scheduled meeting February 8, 2017. All members were in attendance including Mayor Bob Powell, Council President Richard Messick and Council Members Wendy Bates, Jackie Kraupp and Dana Hinson. Also present was City Attorney Tony Pantera with substitute Clerk, Janet Juroch.

A Public Hearing for Building Inspection Fees was attended by two residents of Crouch, Jim Trudeau and Eileen Brail. Attorney Pantera noted a 2016 ordinance that did layout the permitting inspection process with four procedural inspections and had been approved in a past Public Hearing. According to Attorney Pantera, “Fees met the mandatory two time publication in the Idaho World and that this is resolution for fees not building codes. The fees are to go with the building codes enacted last month. Fees are conservative and should not be for producing revenue”.

The Building Fees of Resolution Number 2017-R001 with a fee of $200 to meet each inspection of footing, foundation, framing and final inspection and not to exceed $800. A Roll Call vote was made and the motion carried unanimously. Attorney Pantera reminded everyone that all other regular permit fees remain the same with some exclusions that are also in place already.

The new city well still needs a survey done so that the lot split can be finished. Snow has made it hard to place survey markers by Sean Sullivan of ALS Survey. Sullivan will be working on this issue.

Water Master Report from Terry Tucker was read by Clerk. There are some issues with the tank. The snow has made it difficult to work on the tank so it is requested to look at a maintenance plan for snow plowing. Tucker noted that the telemetry that tells the pump when to send water to the tank was not working, saying, “It could be as simple as a wire disconnected because of the snow, tank leakage, signal, etc.”  He will update the Clerk as soon as he has more information. Council members want to look into a remote system for repairs, too.

Further discussion by Member Messick said that water from the tank was used for fire suppression of a nearby home that caught fire. This left the only Crouch resident on the water system to run out of water due to the Garden Valley Fire Department taking water from the tank It was explained to the council that the tank is not always full at this time of year so that water can remain fresh and potable. Water was simply used up after the incident. Council wants to be better informed when larger amounts of water are used from that tank so adjustments can be made.

Fire hydrant clearing was another topic since they are currently buried in snow. The GVFD indicated that fire hydrant clearing is the responsibility of the city. City Clerk Chandler is looking into plans for the New Life youth group helping as a service project. Richard Messick noted “The State Fire Marshall Reports say there should be a 3 foot radius around a hydrant cleared.”

Discussion continued regarding snow removal for next year. “The snow accumulation is not making people happy,” according to Mayor Powell with people in town expressing concerns of safety.  Others have approached the council members about plowing, or lack thereof, concerning the main road in town. Council agreed that individual businesses doing their own snow plowing is not working out with so many complaints coming into the office. Attorney Pantera will look into those possible provisions to keep the roads clear for the city at  next meeting in March.

City Clerk Vickie Chandler left a report to the City Council that Business Licenses are slowly coming in. Many renewals are still outstanding. Chandler also reported the City Hall needed roof snow removal since it was getting close to 5 feet of snow and ice which has been done.

Next meeting is March8, 2017 at 6:30pm at the City Hall Syringa Building located at 342 Village Circle, next to the Crouch Community Hall.

Written by Janet Juroch – BCC Staff