Become the Business of the Week with the Greater Garden Valley Chamber

The GGVCC wants to heighten your company’s visibility. A new campaign and membership drive is underway to encourage businesses in Garden Valley and beyond to up their game with promotion and marketing capabilities. The GGVCC offers benefits including internet exposure, especially for those businesses with limited online presence. There are many opportunities to network at meetings and listen to speakers that increase knowledge of current business trends, marketing and even legal aspects. Membership is not limited to just Garden Valley. Jason Sawin, General Manager of Idaho X-Sports Adventure Park, is the GGVCC Vice President of Marketing and is looking at many ways of marketing Garden Valley, Lowman and surrounding towns in 2017. As with his own business he has become quite proficient at marketing to the Treasure Valley and has seen a great return on his small investment. He has been using Facebook as a marketing tool and would like to share his successful ideas with GGVCC members. The Business of the Week campaign will incorporate his understanding of using Facebook marketing vs. other more expensive routes of advertising. He has often said, “With Facebook our business has gotten the most bang for the buck.” By becoming a member of … Continue reading Become the Business of the Week with the Greater Garden Valley Chamber