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Outreach Center Youth Organized to Give Back

Photo Credits: Angie Hale-Waters

Garden Valley: Bob and Edie Nelson are known around Garden Valley as great contributors to the Garden Valley School sports and kids programs at the Garden Valley Outreach Center. They are involved in many other activities including the Garden Valley Boosters and volunteer many hours at the Garden Valley Center for the Arts. Often Bob is seen driving his beloved restored car around in the summer or bringing the Homecoming Court onto the field in it.

Bob was doing what so many other people are doing this winter and that is shoveling snow. Bob had been shoveling his roof when he stopped to come inside after not feeling so well.  His complaints of back, chest and arm pain sent Edie into high gear as she understood the symptoms of a possible heart attack.

After a quick run to the GV Fire Station with EMT’s waiting, then Bob was taken on to Boise.  Bob got taken care of quickly with a confirmation of a heart attack. He is now home recovering. But…. there was the roof that still had a tremendous amount of snow on it.

Angie Waters and her youth group from the  Outreach Center jumped into action to help the Nelsons by shoveling the roof for them. The young adults were Gage Peterson, Joaquin Fuhriman, Trystan Knox, Javier Fuhriman, Darrell Peppers and Justus Taylor. Adults helping the kids on the roof were Eric Clark, Jason Yearsley and other neighbors.

The OC youth were ready to give back in return to the Nelsons. Bob and Edie often would donate food and time to the OC. The kids did not bat an eye to return the help. Angie always stresses to the kids to be “good community members”.

Insurance for kids working on a roof came into question and that is why Angie makes sure the Ov and OC activities are covered.  Angie says, “We can’t expect our kids to be good community members if we are scared of what might happen. We often wonder why our kids are losing work ethics and staying home to play video games.”

The snow was removed and with a sigh of relief, Edie Nelson said, “I don’t have the words of how much we appreciate everyone who were here working so hard. You all did such a great job. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Written by Janet Juroch