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Snowmobilers Can Supply Up at Lowman’s Open Door Store

Photo Credit Bruce Lund

Photo Credit Bruce Lund

Open Door Store is a gateway to the recreational snow fun that  is on everyone’s mind as the snow keeps coming. Those who like to go on snowmobile adventures have a place in Lowman to be the starting point of great rides.



Even with the huge snowfalls, Lowman is still accessible and open for business. Snowmobile trails and sunny weather make for a great day to go on a trail ride!

The OPEN DOOR STORE at the intersection of HWY’s 21 & Banks Lowman Road (often known as Hwy. 17). There is ample parking that is plowed regularly for daily parking. Snowmobilers then have access for rides to Stanley and Bear Valley. The store is the perfect spot to load up on supplies including groceries and gas.

Fuel is ready: Non-ethanol 91% octane fuel, Regular gas at 87% octane and up to 10% Ethanol and Diesel is available.

Daily parking is only $5/day.

Hours: Can vary at this time(follow Facebook for information). Closed on Wednesday and open at noon on Sunday’s.

Contact: Bruce Lund, General Manager, at 208.259.3348



Photo Credits: Bruce Lund, General Manager