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Radio Interview Discusses the Emergency Wildlife Feeding Program

Elk feeding - Photo by Janet Juroch

KXGV-LP, 98.5 FM –January 27, 2017 — Interview with Rick Ward- Regional Wildlife Manager of Idaho Department of Fish and Game about the emergency feeding program taking place from Garden Valley to Lowman. Terry Loyd, Station Manager, is conducting the interview.

Note from Reporter: Just before the interview was to start a gentleman came into the radio station. He is a member of the wildlife feeding advisory committee and wanted to meet Mr. Ward. In a quick moment the gentleman suffered a perceived heart attack and was unconscious. Mr. Ward and “Dino” Hugon jumped into action with CPR and potentially saved the man’s life as a tag team while waiting for emergency service to arrive. Terry Loyd, Station Director commented abut Mr. Ward that, “Not only do you save animals lives but you saved this gentleman’s life.”  Witnessing the two gentlemen that utilized their CPR knowledge definitely was a case of being in the right place at the right time for the victim. The quick action and fast response from the Garden Valley EMT’s and Fire Department got everything stabilized and with a potential good outcome.

(10 minutes)  Interview includes feeding sites, a way to keep the animals off the roadside, types of feed and what can be harmful.

(5 minutes)Interview is continued explaining how feeding sites are maintained.

Ward explained, “It is our responsibility to manage the wildlife”. He also reminded people that could be hunting other wildlife at this time of year must stay at least 1/2 mile away from the feeding sites where the animals most likely congregate to feed.

If the public has concerns for a particular area and there is a big congregation of wildlife looking that are looking for feed, call the Regional Office at 208-465-8465.  The people will be sent out to determine if the area is a “hotspot” for a feed site.

Written and recorded by Janet Juroch – BCC Staff