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Stunning Elk Enjoying a View Under Porch


Contributor: Al Marion – Garden Valley

Garden Valley: Elk meander along the snow covered hills and valleys of the area. Often they are in the forest or alongside the river.  Al Marion takes photos of a cabin across the river to show the owners how much snow is on the ground around the cabin. A lot of snow has fallen snow has fallen in a couple of week’s time.  Nothing prepared him for the sight he was about to see.  He was able to get his camera in time to capture a unique photo of a bull elk walking on the snow the cabin underneath the overhang. Neighbors feared that the the antlers of this handsome elk would shatter a window. Instead, the bull just stood there seemingly to enjoy the view.

The second photo still shows much of the cabin, which was taken on 1-11-17 ….only 13 days before the elk photo was taken.  The photos give a perspective of where those windows are and where the elk is standing.

Snow is deep where the foothills in Garden Valley meet the river. The cabin sits undisturbed along the Middlefork River unless the elk show up. This photo gets one thinking that it would have been even funnier if a person had seen this elk standing at the second floor from inside of the cabin …….just sayin’….

written by Janet Juroch -BCC Staff

Elk under a porch overhang which is the second floor of the cabin. Photo taken 1-23-17. Photo Credit: Al Marion

View of a cabin with snow on 1-11-17. Photo Credit: Al Marion- Garden Valley