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Making Plans for a New Resort and Game Bird Reserve on Agenda

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Below is the Agenda for the next Planning and Zoning Meeting in Garden Valley. The public is welcomed to attend.  For more detailed information about these CUPs, please go to the Boise County website at….

*The first CUP is for the The Edge Resort at GV at 851 Banks Lowman Rd. The CUP would include a Lodge/Restaurant/Pub, RV Resort and Convenience Store/Gas Station. Plans also include an event/activity center, formal gardens, safari tent rentals, a swimming pool and other various activities including providing tours, hiking, rafting, basketball and horseshoes to name a few.

*The second CUP  is for the 3 Springs Hunt Ranch in Horseshoe Bend. This is a planned game bird preserve  on 21 Watson Ln.

PLEASE NOTE: If the meeting is cancelled due to weather, please stay tuned here for those developments.


1 Comment on Making Plans for a New Resort and Game Bird Reserve on Agenda

  1. Edith Williams // January 17, 2017 at 9:23 am //

    I can’t help but wonder about the reasoning for holding a hearing in Garden Valley on a CUP Application that will impact the residents of Gardena and Brownlee? Do Garden Valley residents really care about a “Bird Hunt for Pay” operation at Gardena (acreage reaches all the way up to Brownlee), where farm raised birds are released on private property to be hunted? I am already inundated with 70 wild turkeys that Fish and Game offers no feed or removal for. What kinds of birds will be released into the wild? What kinds of diseases may they carry and spread? Which facility/hatchery are these birds coming from? How will the operators insure all private birds remain on private property? Lots of questions I have as a Brownlee resident, yet Planning and Zoning makes it near impossible to be heard. I will comb through the recent issues of the Idaho World to see if I missed the notification of this hearing in the “Happenings”…

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