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Solid Waste Heroes Tackle Any Weather

No snow day for solid waste employees. Photo by Janet Juroch

“You wanna take it slow” says the song as you take a ride to “the GV Mall” solid waste site. Video footage by Janet Juroch

Many times during the snowy weather, thanks go to the mail carriers, the snow plow operators and the delivery people for doing their job and enduring the weather extremes.  Everyone, in all jobs, tries hard to make sure that life is not interrupted by snow, rains and ice. Everyone does their part. Sometimes it is the unsung heroes quietly doing their part to accommodate our need to get rid of our trash.

Solid Waste site in Garden Valley is still busy in the winter months. Photo by Janet Juroch

The solid waste systems in the county are always open on their scheduled days. It can me frigid temperatures like the county is experiencing or blazing hot summers and the solid waste “engineers” keep doing their job.  The men that work there don’t even want their name mentioned.

It is a thankless job but these workers keep doing their best to take our garbage, even at 10 degrees.  Sometimes it is all they can do to stay warm and have been seen huddled up close to a small firebox until a person shows up with their bags of household waste. They come and help out and get the job done.

In Garden Valley, the workers are given a big bag of doggie biscuit treats from someone who donated them. The treats are then given to the dogs that come to the dump site riding with their masters.  It makes a much more exciting trip for the furry friends.

The solid waste sites are not the most enticing place to hang out, especially during the summer, either. One Garden Valley employee, who wants to remain nameless, says, “We just gotta get the job done and after a while you don’t notice the smelly garbage.”

Equipment is snow covered and presents a challenge when needed to take care of the entrance road. Photo by Janet Juroch

The employees work tirelessly in the summer months to maintain the “the mall” out back in Garden Valley. This area is where locals can find their scrap metal or “projects” to make something out of broken items.  The solid waste site becomes a meeting place for people to discuss the latest “news around town”. Then employees who keep it in operation are our quiet heroes.

Written by Janet Juroch