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Frigid Temps Does Not Stop a Exhilarating Game of Snolf

Time to tee off - photo by Janet Juroch

Lots of snow just makes a better Snolf (snow golf) game. Though the weather was a bit frigid, the brilliant sunshine made this winter activity very popular on New Year’s Eve at Terrace Lakes Resort. People flocked to the resort to participate in the Snolf tournament. What was a once a month activity is so popular that games are planned on more weekends as long as the snow sticks around.  And who doesn’t like something similar to a miniature golf game?

How Snolf works: teams are made up of four people. Teams can be made by the participants forming their own or the team can be furnished for those that need a team. There is one golf club and a tennis ball. Participants bring their one club to use for the tourney.  The resort provides each team with five tennis fluorescent balls which are easily seen in the snow.

Painted areas show Snolfers where to start. Photo by Janet Juroch

A groomed nine-hole course is set up in the snow.  Paint is used to outline tee off areas.  Participants then follow the station numbers and find the challenges ahead.  ATV’s are not allowed on the course. A pull behind sled works for handling beverages to take along the course. Many of the golfers attending the New Year’s Eve tournament were from the Treasure Valley.  Some said they never golf normally, but had to come and give Snolf a try. Others thought it would be a lot easier than it looked.

A sled for beverages tags along with the snolf team. Photo by Janet Juroch

It was cold but not to cold to Snolf on NYE. Photo by Janet Juroch

Word of mouth seems to be the way so many people find out about the Terrace Lakes Resort winter activity. The golf path was out in a sun blanketed area.  It actually felt warm out on the paths even though the temperature was hovering around 15 degrees.  There were 15 teams of 4 and more kept coming in the afternoon. A nearby sledding hill kept kids busy while parents were “golfing”.  Many claimed they want to come again because they “had such a great day on the course”.

Sledding was where you cold find kids and adults alike. Photo by Janet Juroch