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Lanterns Released on NYE is a Sight to See

Lantern Lighting NYE 2016 - Photo by Janet Juroch

Temperatures in the single digits and everything snow covered set the tone for a beautiful event of lighting the skies with the Chinese floating lanterns.

Taking flight. Photo by Janet Juroch

A big crowd gathered at Weilmunster Park by the Old Crouch Bridge to set off lanterns, many with wishes written on them.  The winds were calm and the lanterns floated straight up. The 400 lanterns were finally sold out after some purchases were made at the event. Hundreds of lanterns dotted the sky.

The annual event has become very popular. Families come to “light up the sky” on New year’s Eve. The event is sponsored by the Garden Valley Chamber of Commerce each year. Proceeds help fund scholarships for  two deserving graduating seniors at the GV High School.

Lanterns seen from a hill in Crouch. Photo by Janet Juroch

Equipped with wishes, the lantern is ready to be set free into the night sky. Photo by Janet Juroch