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GV Community Radio KXGV-LP Announces a Move to The Boardwalk

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Press Release from The Board of Directors of KXGV-LP, 98.5FM in Garden Valley, Idaho…….

“Garden Valley’s Community Radio Station, KXGV-LP, 98.5FM is moving on Dec. 28th.  We will be just across the street from our old location on “The Boardwalk” where the old Raven’s Nest boutique shop was located.  KXGV-LP, 98.5FM is your community radio station, manned entirely by volunteers.  We are licensed by The Federal Communications Commission as an “emergency radio station”.  We have been licensed and broadcasting in Garden Valley in this capacity for the past three years. (Our license limits our broadcast area to  approximately the Crouch, Garden Valley and the Placerville areas.)

We interact with the Garden Valley Fire Department, The Boise County Emergency Management Office and the Sheriff’s Office.  In the event of an emergency such as the large fires during the past summers, we also interact with The Incident Command Teams that control the fire fighting efforts. (The Incident Command Information officers have been coming in daily during those events to broadcast updates.)  As far we know, we are the only FCC licensed radio station to broadcast in Boise County.    KXGV-LP is your source for emergency instructions, evacuation routes, warnings, etc.  Our new address is 15 Market St., Garden Valley, ID, 83622.  Phone number remains the same  462-4350.  If you are a “Facebook” user, you can also access our page on that site.

During non-emergency periods, we broadcast music, weather up-dates on the half-hour and announcements  regarding community events at the top of each hour.  Tune your radio to 98.5FM for staying abreast of happenings in Garden Valley.”

Terry Loyd , Program Manager of the Garden Valley Community Radio Station, says she is excited to make the move. “The new location offers us more space, and big front window for the DJ’s to keep an eye on town.”

For the next day or two (Dec 28th and 29th) the station will be off the air to make the move. Once back up and running, feel free to let them know how they are doing. The dedicated volunteers always enjoy a word of encouragement.


6 Comments on GV Community Radio KXGV-LP Announces a Move to The Boardwalk

  1. Carolyn Webb Anderson // December 28, 2016 at 6:12 pm //

    Thanks. Would love to see pictures!

  2. Carolyn Webb Anderson // December 28, 2016 at 2:34 pm //

    Good luck on the move! Any plans for my grandmother’s (Elsie Webb) house?

    • I now there will be some remodeling and bringing things to code. Then there will be space for one or two businesses is the last I heard so far. There is so much snow here that I am sure construction work will be minimal for the time being. We will keep you posted!

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