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Local Author Takes a Planetary Journey with Readers

Sedna – A novel written by Richard L. Smith

The year is 2117 and the remote planet of Sedna orbits the earth in a rotation twice as far as Pluto is. After being discovered about a hundred years earlier, astronauts and geologist will travel to explore the dwarf planet.  It has one hemisphere similar to the moon surface and the other half of the planet is like the planet Mars. This fictional novel follows the scientists on their three year starship journey to Sedna and back. This includes unexpected stops in the solar system as they have technical difficulties on their way home. Even more is the shocking and unanticipated revelation that awaits their return home.

The astronauts find there is “something wonderful” as they explore Sedna’s surface. Astronomers cannot explain any of Sedna’s unusual mass, density and gravitational attraction, even though the planet is half the size of Pluto.  For those that like learning about geology or venturing into the solar system or imagining life beyond our planet will enjoy the details of astronomy with Sedna being a home to the Sedna International Observatory.

Richard L. Smith is a resident of Garden Valley and loves to write as his hobby during retirement. He has already authored prior books including Time Lacuna, Out of China, New Eden and Powerless.  Smith retired in 200 as a Physicist and Engineering Manager at Hewlett Packard.

Richard L. Smith

When he is not writing, Smith is often seen hiking with his dogs or just fishing.  He is also known for managing the local community radio station in Garden Valley, KXGV-LP, 98.5 and is on the Garden Valley Translator Board.  He is also learning to cook more to help his wife Renee.  “I am learning what to cook in a crockpot” he recently said and welcomes any recipe ideas.  Smith and his wife have raised five children and now have nine grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

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Written by Janet Juroch – BCC Staff