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A New Boise County Prosecuting Attorney Has Been Appointed

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Reported by Janet Juroch

Newly appointed Prosecuting Attorney Dan Blocksom has been sworn by Hon. Judge Roger Cockerille on Tuesday, December 13th Boise County Commissioners meeting. Blocksom plans to serve on a four year appointed term with yearly contract negotiations. This was term originally set for the elected Prosecuting Attorney Ross Pittman, who recently resigned during his appointment period and before his election term was to take place.

Dan Blocksom -Boise County Prosecuting Attorney

The Job Ahead: County Prosecuting Attorneys have primary responsibility for enforcing Idaho laws at the county level. They must also have an understanding of their communities’ needs. Because they need to research, interview people and analyze situations where the law has been broken, a Prosecuting Attorney needs to carefully seek the motivations of a law breaker. Seeking justice will require fairness to which Blocksom has experience as both an attorney and a policy analyst that will be helpful in these areas.

The Prosecuting Attorney also serves as legal advisor and prosecutor for all law enforcement agencies. Blocksom knows that resources for both law enforcement and prosecution are scarce in Boise County. He will seek cost-effectiveness of alternatives to incarceration, such as community service, diversion, alcohol and drug monitoring, and pretrial release.

After graduating from Stanford Law School, Dan Blocksom worked as a criminal deputy prosecutor for one year and as a civil deputy prosecutor for two years at the Canyon County Prosecuting Attorney’s office. He worked as a policy analyst for the Idaho Association of Counties for two years before starting his solo law practice in August 2016. In addition to being contracted to be the appointed Boise County Prosecuting Attorney, he also provides primarily civil legal counsel to county governments.

Our Best Choice:  Alan Ward, Boise County Commissioner Chairman, noted, “We looked long and hard at all the candidates and chose Blocksom as the best candidate for the position.” Following Idaho Code 59-907, the initial work of obtaining a person to fill a vacancy for a prosecuting attorney was initiated by the Republican Central Committee.  According to the Idaho Code, they had the job of looking for a person that resides in the county and who is willing and qualified to perform the functions of a prosecuting attorney.

When that search was exhausted and no residing candidates were available, then subsection 1 of ID Code 59-907 states, “In the event a vacancy exists and there are three (3) or fewer resident attorneys in the county who are willing and qualified to perform the functions of prosecuting attorney as set forth in chapter 26, title 31, Idaho Code, the board of county commissioners may appoint and/or contract with an attorney from outside the county to perform the duties of prosecuting attorney for the balance of the unexpired term or such shorter period as the board of county commissioners shall determine.”

A Family Man: Blocksom grew up in Kyoto, Japan, before going to college and law school in the U.S. He is fluent in Japanese. He considers himself “ a lucky husband and a proud father.”  He spends his time enjoying his family, and making lifelong memories with them. He also loves to run, swim, lift weights, and play guitar, and he hopes to learn jiu jitsu in the near future.

Blocksom stated he “looks forward to helping the county by reducing liability exposure.”  He agreed that there are many issues that he hopes he can be of assistance with to keep county risk to a minimum.  His goal is to maintain and strengthen the Prosecuting Attorney’s relationships with the rest of the County. Plans for a periodic news column will help with communication efforts. Blocksom says, “I welcome questions anytime.” When he is not in court, he can be reached at his office by phone 208-392-4485 or email: