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Garden Valley Track Fruit Sales Fundraiser

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Orders must be prepaid and submitted by November 10. Fruit will be delivered to GVHS on November 15 and must be picked up by Nov. 16. Whole cases only, but you can split any way you like after purchase. Thank you for your support!!

To ORDER: email-

Valencia 72ct 29.95
Pineapple 7 ct 28.95
100 ct Fuji apple (medium-size apple) $37.95
72 ct Fuji apple (large apple) 40.95
Kiwi 20# 33.95
10/3# cuties 39.95
56 grapefruit $37.95
50# jumbo yellow onion $ 18.95
60-80ct baker potato 20.95
100ct red del apple 29.95
40# sweet onion 29.95

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  1. who do you call to place an order?

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