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Updating the GV School Library System Made Possible by Grant

Barry Prindle of CapEd Marketing taking a photo of the group L to R: Albert Kang, CapEd Treasury Manager; David Lawrence, CapEd Board of Directors and GV Resident; Stephany Corn, GV School Admin; Denise Breckenridge, GV School Librarian and GV School Superintendent/Principal Greg Alexander with the elementary student body.

The Garden Valley School celebrated receiving a grant award for their Library from Capital Educators Federal Credit Union in the amount of $750. The grant covers software for a book scanner and any other tools needed like spine labels, book retrieval and more. School Administrative Assistant Stephany Corn wrote the grant to help get a cataloging system in place.

The Library had been down for three years. Many programs and new software are badly needed to bring the library up to date for checking out books and being able to process and inventory the books efficiently. This will replace the old paper system currently being used. The new system will enable aides and substitutes to utilize the system easily.

The elementary students were in the assembly to share in the excitement as the award was presented to Librarian Denise Breckenridge. School Superintendent and Principal Greg Alexander explained to the students about what this means for the library and students using it. He wanted the youngest of students to know it will be easier to use the library, including scanning to check out books.

Larry Prindle with CapEd Marketing presenting $750 check to Stephany Corn left) and Denise Breckenridge.

Barry Prindle with CapEd Marketing presenting $750 check to Stephany Corn left) and Denise Breckenridge.

Mrs. Breckenridge did not know the grant had been awarded until the assembly. It was kept secret until the reveal. When the big award check came out the students all clapped. Breckenridge expressed her excitement by saying, “This is the best surprise ever.” She went on to say that often kids will come to ask where certain books are at, such as horse books, and she cannot even tell them where to find them. The new system will change all that.

Now the kindergarten students will be using the library since kindergarten became full time this year. One student asked if they could find Star Wars books now. He was told by Mrs. Breckenridge that they will indeed find his books easier along with others. Students expressed excitement of the change to their library.

Barry Prindle of CapEd Marketing and Business Development was instrumental in marketing the grant programs available to teachers and schools. Mrs. Corn explained that the grant process is really easy in comparison to others she had worked on. She was able to complete it in about 30 minutes. Mr. Alexander reminds the teachers to keep putting in for grants because CapEd Credit Union is always looking for places to apply grant monies. This can be used for curriculum such as health programs and other teacher needs in the classroom to enhance education.

Prindle went on to explain that there will be two $10,000 grants available for regions 3 and 4 which is Boise to Twin Fall areas. Superintendents have been notified to pursue the grants. Cut-off date is December 1st, 2016. These awards can be used for anything the school needs. Prindle says, “One school used it to rebuild a greenhouse.” Prindle did say that the grants are different from the teacher grants and will have a separate list of requirements and things they would like to include on the application. Cap Ed is making exception this year with these larger grants but may not be available every year.

Written by Janet Juroch