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Remembering Larry G. Throngard

Larry George Throngard, of Boise, at one time lived in Garden Valley and founded Pine Tree Ranch Corporation.

Larry George Throngard, of Boise, at one time lived in Garden Valley and founded Pine Tree Ranch Corporation.

On October 4th, 2016, Larry George Throngard, of Boise, passed away in his sleep at a time of his choosing. He was 81 years old.

Larry was born July 20, 1935 as the first of two boys to George and Emily Throngard of Chicago. The family moved to Southern California in 1943 where his father trained Navy personnel on radar and communication systems. He lived through WW2 and contributed to the cause by collecting pieces of metal and aluminum cans to be recycled and used in the war.

When he became an adult he briefly studied at UCLA, before deciding his efforts were better spent working. He took a job as a surveyor for Jennings Engineering. Larry quickly rose to the top after adapting a unique way of managing projects, he created them. It was his plan that diversified the company into real estate development and he became the director of Creative Concepts where his 20th story office overlooked the MGM Studios film lot.

His life took an unexpected turn in June of 1973 when he left LA with his family and found a picturesque mountain town in Garden Valley, Idaho. When the family saw the churning blue-green waters of the Payette River and the snow-capped mountains, they knew that they had found a new home. Larry, with the help of his business contacts, founded Pine Tree Ranch Corporation. The company would develop and subdivide an 1,100 acre landscape of rolling hills and wooded vistas; under the direction of new CEO, Larry Throngard.

Larry ran the business with a deftness and unparalleled commitment to the company’s vision of a wonderful place to live, with minimum lot sizes, quality of home requirements and the very important standpoint that no lot should be further subdivided for the rest of time. Today, Pine Tree Ranch stands as one of the most scenic and enjoyable places to live in Idaho.

Larry was a one of a kind person. He loved to live his life in the most boisterous and “macho” way that he could. He emulated his favorite TV character, Thomas Magnum and his persona (and power mustache) reflected the Hawaii PI. His love of beautiful cars, cool jackets and sunglasses capitalized this theme. At last count, he had owned over 130 automobiles and loved all but two.

He idolized his own father and thought of him as the greatest man he ever knew. Larry lived out his life trying to follow in the patient and understanding footsteps of George. His final years were his proudest when he realized he’d achieved that goal.

He could be overpowering at times. He could be the gentlest human at others. He was insecure and worried about his loved ones incessantly. His weaknesses often made him need to compensate for them in unpopular ways. But he never compromised on his ideals. What was right with him was what he was going to do, come Hell or high water. He lived life on his terms and never backed down. It was this strength that made his personality inescapable and addicting.

He was a friend, a companion, a lost love, a father, a brother, a businessman, a cowboy, a jerk, a paragon, and a hero to so many people. He was unforgettable.

Larry will be forever missed by his beloved Elaine, her daughter Julie, his brother Fred, his children Laron, John, Jason, Lindsey, Casey, Justin, their mother Sherry, and his eleven grandchildren, Tammera, Chad, Tarl, Corwin, Spenser, Freya, Jordan, Morgan, and Elaine’s grandchildren Emily, and Tim. His remains will be scattered on October 10, 2016 in a private ceremony in a meadow, forever a part of the Ranch and dream that he built.

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  1. Jason Throngard // October 17, 2016 at 9:33 am //

    Dad often talked about the ‘quality of life’ being so important and when he did he would talk about some of his favorite memories in Garden Valley.

  2. Casey Throngard O'Connell // October 7, 2016 at 7:36 pm //

    Craig Landers would certainly like to forget it!

  3. Justin Throngard // October 7, 2016 at 6:30 pm //

    Thank you guys for sharing this. My dad loved Garden Valley and at one time was an honorary Boise County deputy, though many would like to forget that.

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