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A Note From Commissioner Ward

A Guest Editorial

Written by Alan Ward  -Boise County Commissioner

Every week I cringe as I pick up the latest copy of the Idaho world and wonder what misconception I will have to deal with that week. Last week’s edition was another doozy. Mr. Gasiorowski’s letter indicates the commissioners had increased their wages by 19%. The real truth is the commissioners did not increase their salaries at all and the $30,900 that we do receive in salary is dead on the mark for commissioners wages in the county of our size. Thank goodness there are some benefits that go with the position, insurance, minor reimbursements, and things of that nature. As salaried elected officials we are exempt from vacation pay and sick leave. The question is why would Mr. Gasiorowski so willingly mislead the public again, and I do mean again. Last spring during the primary election Mr. Gasiorowski repeatedly was dishonest with the public. Several times I asked him to stop misleading people and gave him the information that he needed so he could know the truth. Voters beware!! In a second letter to the editor Jane Reed complains about how the county has managed its 2017 budget she encourages us to lay off people and cut salaries and benefits to do less and be less efficient. I’m proud of the people that work for Boise County and for the most part they are sincere hard-working people continually trying to do what’s best for the people we serve. I wonder if Mrs. Reed is proud of the deterioration of vehicles and buildings allowed by previous administrations. This current body of commissioners is vested in fixing these damaged properties and committed to taking better care of the taxpayers property. Why doesn’t Mrs. Reed run for Commissioner or clerk if she has such extensive knowledge and leadership skills?


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  1. We get a huge benefit from our County Commissioners for the small remuneration they receive. I support them wholeheartedly. They are getting us out of the messes left by earlier administrations and deserve credit for that.

  2. Peter J Scarborough // September 22, 2016 at 11:47 am //

    Since I moved here over a year ago, I have been watching the workings of County Government. There are a few things I have taken issue with, but I can truthfully say I have been satisfied overall with the performance of our Commissioners. Their reimbursement (salary) seems to be reasonable and they seem to be trying hard to control expenses. This Board inherited a serious debt load from a Court Settlement. I say give these folks a chance to make things better, but keep them mindful that we are watching.

  3. No Mrs. Dunn, I am not lying. The compensation for commissioners is the same today as it was when I came on board nearly 2 years ago. Your comment that nothing is getting done at the commission level is also very sad. The current board of commissioners is truly dedicated to being financially responsible to the taxpayers while moving Boise County forward in a positive way. The accomplishments are many and our will to do the right thing is strong.

  4. Keep up the good work Commissioner Ward!

  5. Sheriann harris // September 21, 2016 at 8:46 pm //

    Thank you mr. Ward for attempting to straighten out the ridiculous accusations being spread by disgruntled in elected persons. You and the other commissioners have a lot of work to do without someone attempting to exploits false information so he can position himself to be elected in the next run.

  6. Good to hear directly from our elected official(s). I hope it becomes a common practice for all elected officials to reach all the constituents be it taking to a reputable publication or doing regular meet and greets, like “Coffee with a Cop”, or “Coffee with a your Commissioner.” There were some campaign promises made that I would like to see materialize.

  7. Mr. Ward, the 2015 yearly compensation for a Boise County commissioner was $20,136 ( Now, in 2016, it is $30,900. Mr. Ward, YOU are lying! In fact, if your figure is correct, that is MORE than a 19% increase…closer to 50%. Add in the bonuses that you mentioned (insurance, minor reimbursements, and things of that nature) and I wonder just what the hell the citizens of Boise county are paying for. We aren’t seeing any results.

    • Pretty sure they did not get a raise and their compensation has been staying the same.

      • Go look at the link I provided. If Ward’s figure of $30,900 is correct, then there is a definite increase.

        • I fail to see where it mentions a commissioners wage statistic. This site seems to be a general labor wage analysis comparing counties and not specific jobs. A recent article on the BC Connection shows the wage analysis for specific county jobs.

          • Sorry, not convinced. BTW, Jane Reed has been a champion for BC citizens for years. Ward calling her out is a really bad move.

    • The wage for a Boise County Commissioner stayed the same for 2015 and 2016. Here is the link:
      I know that the our commissioners work hard for us, and if you were to break it down to an hourly wage, they really don’t make that much!

      • Well, the facts don’t lie. If you look at the commissions salary in the budget, from 2014 – 2016, there is very little change. Now they lumped in benefits (health insurance, etc.), so there will be a slight difference, but not one big enough to account for salary raises.

    • Mrs. Dunn would you please clarify where you found the $20,136 on the link you provided. I have not been able to find it. In fact, doing a search within that web page only brings up two comments about Boise County neither of which state that dollar amount. Everything in that page is quoted as an “average” of salaries. I very much would like to see the budget approved by the commissioners that shows the salary amount being $20,136.00 I apologize for not seeing what you are referring to and appreciate your time validating your statement.

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