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Wolverines on Wheels Take to Racing Mountain Trails

The WOW Wolverines on Wheels Team, L to R: Noah Sawin,Brett Hodges, Hunter White and Aaron Nokes. Scott Karhre in back with bike girls to complete the picture.

Wolverines on Wheels Race in Interscholastic Cycling League

The newly formed Garden Valley mountain biking team had an AWESOME first race weekend at Jug Mtn. Ranch in McCall. Four riders represented the Wolverines on Wheels team by competing in their FIRST mountain bike race EVER!!  Race goers said the weather was perfect and superb but dusty trails. The W.O.W. team put up an amazing effort with all of them crossing the finish line in style.

The team had a chance to ride and see what it was like to be in the Idaho Interscholastic Cycling League’s Fall Mountain Bike racing series. This was a determined team, especially since this was the first time to compete in a race like this.  They did not give up, despite crashes and dusty trails. Awards to match the determination have been created by Scott Kahre and Jason Sawin, Team Coordinators.

Noah Sawin

Noah Sawin

The “Never Quit” award went to Noah Sawin for his show of determination by getting up and running his bike across the finish line after a wreck with just yards to go.


The “Leave It All on the Trail” award went to Hunter White for finding one last ounce of energy to pass a tough competitor just before the finish line.

Hunter White

Hunter White


Aaron Nokes

Aaron Nokes

The “Guts and Grit” award went to Aaron Nokes for riding so hard and getting so dirty that he came back barely recognizable.

Brett Hodges

Brett Hodges

The “Knobby Side Down” award went to Brett Hodges for being the only W.O.W. team rider to finish the race without a crash, which is harder than you think.

New riders can still register for everything, get a team T-shirt and join the team for the rest of the racing season. Sign-up should be done by Sunday, September 3rd in order to avoid a $10 late fee.  This opportunity is for Garden Valley 6th – 12th graders to compete in the Idaho Interscholastic Cycling League’s Fall Mountain Bike racing series.

There are 4 more races on Saturdays from Sept. through Oct. 8th.  Go to: for more information on the league. Online registration on PitZone has been re-opened for both league and race registrations and will remain open until the 3rd.

Members have several upcoming events and training on the schedule to note, according to Scott. The next official practice is Thursday, September 1st, at 6:00 pm at Idaho X-Sports.  Team members will learn about “cadence”, which is determined measure of revolutions per minute.  Plans are to run some gear shifting drills in addition to some general fun riding, too, at the Idaho X-Sports mountain biking trails.

There will be another practice Tuesday, September 6th, at 6:00 pm.  The trail ride at could be at different location. This is all in preparation for another race at Galena Gallop at Galena Lodge on Saturday, September 10th.

For every 10 riders the team needs a volunteer adult.  This is a requirement of the league. Scot says there is not a lot to being a volunteer but just to sign up online at Then just show up at no cost. Camping and RV spots are available at the Galena Lodge for the next race.

Jason Sawin and Scott say, “Big thanks to all of the parents and supporters that showed up to help out and cheer our team on!  Also, special thanks to Kelly Sawin for getting t-shirts AND printing/ironing on all of our team/sponsor logos in time for the race!”

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  1. What a great team led by Scott Kahre and Jason Sawin with everyone else providing super support! It is truly a team effort. All kids should sign up who want to have fun on bikes WHETHER YOU HAVE A BIKE OR NOT. Jason is providing Idaho X-Sports bikes at very low rates; we will be able to provide bikes owned by the school in the future; we will use the Boise Bicycle Project process for kids “earning” their bike by renovating a used one in their shop and donations. Middle School is we’ll represented but more High School participants are welcome, boys or girls. Don’t miss this fun! Sign up!

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