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Boise County Salary Analysis Study for 2016

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In order to know if salaries aligned with other Idaho counties, the current Board utilized information from a “Boise County Econometric Salary Analysis”, prepared by Oreon, Inc. – at no cost to Boise County. The Commissioners felt it was good to compare salaries for elected officials, employee department heads, and employees, in order to provide fair compensation. This statistical study helped the Board determine if the county was paying enough to retain employees and also ensure that salaries were not too high – which is not a good use of the taxpayer’s money.

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The study was submitted to the BOCC in August and it showed that, for most of the jobs and departments, everything was spot-on for salaries. The Clerk, Assessor and Sheriff salaries were lower on the comparison scale. Their departments were able to take a very small but sustainable salary increase. The Coroner’s salary was above average. Most salaries remained level since the variance was right where it should be in comparison to other Idaho counties.

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The Salary Analysis made comparisons to all Idaho counties, with the exception of Ada, Canyon, and Kootenai (as these counties did not participate in the Idaho Association of Counties annual survey). There were 68 variables used, including assessed valuation, infrastructure data, voting behavior, education, and socioeconomic data.  Six independent variables helped match counties. Those independent variables were: a strong timber economy, counties with a large Hispanic presence, counties with a strong agricultural economy, counties with a strong mining economy, counties with wealthier and more educated populations, and large counties with large county operations.

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This study helped the BC Commissioners evaluate salaries and departmental budget increases. Salaries and benefits are a significant component of a county budget. All three Commissioners now feel comfortable in the decisions made regarding budgeting for salaries.

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  1. “The Clerk, Assessor and Sheriff salaries were lower on the comparison scale. Their departments were able to take a very small but sustainable salary increase.” What was their very small but sustainable salary increase?

    Elected officials are accountable to their constituents. I would, please, like to hear from the County Clerk explaining the turmoil in her office during her term.

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