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2Forks Recreational Water & Sewer District Q&A Document

A Message from Mountain Waterworks………

After a few additional weeks of editing, the Q&A document is now available for your review and comment. Please email me with any questions that you may have. Additionally, feel free to forward this to anyone that may not be on our list and ask them to reach out to me to be added onto the distribution list!

We understand that a handful of opinion letters have recently been written about the project and some confusion about elements of the project remains. We hope that this document is at least the beginning in the process of truly understanding the process we are undergoing with the Facility Plan (Master Planning document) as well as the project itself. Our hope is that this document will eliminate misunderstandings and misconceptions and that the community (YOU!) have the most accurate information available to distribute.

Here is the link to the PDF (29 pages):  QA Document_08102016 [1000317]

Please email me with any questions and/or comments that you may have.
Thank you,
Kristina Gillespie | Mountain Waterworks
Boise – McCall – Coeur d’Alene
P 208.780.3997
C 208.602.4623

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  1. I’m only part way through the document. It is well worth reading!

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