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Sign Up for AlertSense Citizen Notifications

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AlertSense Now Replaces Code Red 

There is a new system in place to give Boise County residents a notification when there are disaster alerts, fire, severe weather warnings, school threats and even terrorism. Code Red has been replaced by a more accurate system called AlertSense. Residents need to sign up with the new system, even if they were already signed into Code Red before. This can be done on the county website of and click on the link to the left for Sheriff Department. Once on that page you will see the box for AlertSense to click on and begin the process.

Across the county there can be significant emergency messages that may impact your family or where you live. There is an easy sign up process on the county website. People who live inside or outside the county can receive these messages about their property in the county. Once enrolled people will receive emergency alerts based on preferences via text message, email, pager, or voice mail (in extreme cases). As with any mobile device, there could be standard text message rates, data usage or other charges that may apply. The AlertSense system provides the alerts free of charge.

If it is preferred and if you still have a landline, you can still receive certain notifications on the landline. This will depend on the type of incident or event. Many households no longer utilize traditional land-based telephone lines, so they will not be left out of the loop. This is very helpful for the rural areas which cell phones have minimal or no service still. However, mobile devices will be able to receive all alerts.

The system is intended to be used for emergency alerts, as well as non-emergency incidents that may have significant impacts to residents or just a specific area. Emergency Alerts could be related to specific hazards that require some kind of action be taken such as evacuation orders, shelter places, boil water orders, etc. Non-emergency alerts could include significant transportation problems with prolonged impacts or significant ongoing police or fire activity.

AlertSense is considered nationwide as a state-of-the-art system which is much more intuitive and precise. This system has been around for over a decade and industries across the country are setting up this software. This sophisticated system and the targeted preferences of the subscribers that enroll make this system much more feasible to the user. Much like Code Red, it is a Reverse 911 system. Routine information will not be transmitted on this system.

How to Sign up:   The enrollment is simple and does not take a lot of time. Log onto the Boise County website and click on the Sheriff link on the left side. There is where you will see the AlertSense link. The AlertSense system asks for your address which is important. The system is tailored to send alerts to the geographical locations necessary. This eliminates alerts going to areas that will not be impacted.

Take a minute to sign up for this valuable service. If there is not a computer at home, the library has computers and librarians that can help for patrons to log in and sign up. It is also easy to change preferences or unsubscribe if needed once you are set up. Remember, Code Red no longer works for Boise County, so users need to sign up for AlertSense.