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Public Hearing for County Wide Construction Fee Increases- Part 1

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A Public Hearing is set for August 2nd, 2016, in Garden Valley to make sure Boise county residents are aware of proposed fee increases through Planning and Zoning.  A Public Hearing was recently conducted in Idaho City and no one attended. The Board of County Commissioners, Laura Baker, Roger Jackson and Alan Ward, want to make sure that people understand fees that are proposed to go up.  It is vital for Boise County residents to weigh in on these fee adjustments. The County Commissioners want to hear how people feel about the proposed fee hikes. How the general public views the fees at the Public Hearing will determine how the Commissioners vote on this matter.

According to Rora Canady, P&Z Administrator, building permit fees have not been increased since 2006 (10 years ago).  Each six months the Building Valuation Data (BVD) table is updated by the International Building Code Council to better reflect the market prices of square foot construction costs (updated in February and August each year).

Fees will impact basic building permits, upgrade building fees and inspection fees for homeowners planning to build new construction, remodels and garages or storage. Minimum charge for a building permit is $100.00. Then there are other costs that go with construction including four inspections.

Planning a subdivision? Those fees will also increase also.  Base fees will cover preliminary and final plat work plus Engineering fees. Preliminary plat fees can cost as much at $8,395 plus $82/lot.  The final plat for a subdivision is $5,575 plus $40.00 per lot. This would include subdivision with development engineering fees.

The Board contracts with an engineering firm for engineering services to the P&Z Department on land applications.  The contract with current county engineer (Forsgren Associates) has not been updated since 2009.  The proposed fees reflect the increase in engineering fees as requested by the county engineer.

Most people will be more concerned with fees that apply to them as a homeowner or businesses.  The fees will also cover items such as subdividing properties, agricultural splits, applying for signage and CUP (Conditional Use Permit).

Besides bringing the fees up to a standardized cost that is comparable within Idaho, these fees can also serve a purpose of continuing to run P&Z on its own without affecting the budget or by raising taxes. Planning and Zoning is there for everyone and it enforces protections for builders and the people living nearby.

As the population density grows, there will be more new construction. Businesses and property owners alike often make significant changes when the economy is doing well. Planning and Zoning refers to the ULO (Unified Land Ordinance) as a means to plan growth carefully. With growth comes the cost of growing and expanding while being carefully executed.

The Public Hearing will be at 7:00pm, Tuesday, August 2nd, in the Flex Room of the Garden Valley School.

There will be an explanation of the proposed fee increases with time for questions and answers by the public. 


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  1. Edith Williams // July 19, 2016 at 7:17 pm //

    Well this is the first I’ve heard about there even being a consideration to raise construction fees, let alone there being public hearings held on this topic? When will Boise County enter the 21st century and information age to get this kind of notice to all constituents in a timely fashion? Preferably before the hearing?

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