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Fast Response from EBCAD and Idaho City Police Recognized

This was a letter that was received by the County Commissioners and read for public records.

March 9, 2016

Boise County Board of Commissioners
Alan Ward
Roger Jackson
Laura Baker
P.O. Box 1300
420 Main Street
ldaho City, lD 83531


Dear Commissioners,
l’m writing this letter to commend East Boise County Ambulance and the ldaho City Police Department. On the morning of February 9, my wife Marilyn fell in our home and suffered a severe hip fracture. Within minutes of contacting 911 EMT’s G.J. Newland and G “Gator” Gehrls, as well as Chief Krempa arrived.

As a 28 year Coast Guard Veteran I have participated in thousands of MEDEVACs and Search & Rescue cases and can attest to the professionalism these men exhibited. Technical expertise may be a given, but a concerned and reassuring manner may be overlooked by some first responders. This was not the case with Mr. Newland and Mr. Gehrls, who have obviously honed these skills as well.

Some citizens may take for granted the services of EMT’s and law enforcement officers. My wife Marilyn and I do not, and greatly appreciate the selfless dedication to the community provided. Our sincere gratitude to Mr. Newland and Mr. Gehrls.

George J. Schwarz