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Boise County Commissioners Speak Out Regarding Missing Cash

The Boise County Board of Commissioners, collectively, have asked Boise County Commissioner Chairman Alan Ward to forward this statement directly to the public so it’s content will not be lost in translation. It’s their hope that they can clarify what is being looked at and dealt with in this statement to the public constituents of the county during these troubled time at Boise County.

“The Boise County Commission would like to advise the public that on November 3, 2015, it was discovered that one payment in the amount of $1700 cash went missing from the county. As a result of the recently adopted internal control policy concerning cash handling, these funds were identified as missing or stolen within 36 hours. However, it is the position of the Boise County Commission that additional policy, oversight and regulation is necessary concerning money and cash handling. The Boise County Commissioners have asked all elected officials and department heads to provide them with the written policy for review and adoption within two weeks as to how each department will adhere to a higher standard of fiscal accountability. At this time, the Idaho State Police with the assistance of the Boise County Prosecuting Attorney’s office is conducting an official investigation. Upon receipt of the final reports from the Idaho State Police the Boise County Commission is prepared to consider resignations and or termination of those found to be responsible for the loss of these funds.”

Boise County Commissioners welcome any questions regarding this or any issue.


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