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Digital Lottery at Terrace Lakes

Touch Tab digital units

IMG_2644Terrace Lakes Resort has a new arrival of three Idaho Lottery pull tab machines. Two of the units are completely digital and termed Touch Tab and one unit is the standard Pull Tab that gives an actual card tab to play. Pull tabs are the easiest and cheapest lottery game offered in Idaho.

The standard Pull Tab games are played by revealing symbols located under perforated tabs contained on laminated cardboard tickets. Winning is determined by matching the symbols revealed to a pre-determined set of money prizes identified on the ticket. They cost between $0.25-$1 per ticket.

The Touch Tab machines mimic the cardboard pull tab but everything is digital. Each machine has six games to choose from. Playing the games are simple swipes and touches on a computerized screen. It is completely paperless until you are done. When finished, a paper will show your earnings if there are any. As with the Pull Tab, the cost for a ticket is twenty five cents to one dollar.

Gaming in Idaho, especially the Idaho Lottery has evolved since 1986 when a citizen’s initiative got the lottery system started. The Legislature has not always been on board but by the time the lottery got going there was no turning back. There was a vote on the ballot in a general election. By then the lottery had been running for two years. The Lottery yes vote won out but by a close margin.

Then, with the running of a state lottery, the doors opened for tribal gaming. Idaho tribes could legally run bingo and other gaming. They fall under the Federal Indian Gaming law. There were suits and Propositions at the Legislature level and eventually the Supreme Court stepped in and would not allow interference of tribal gaming.

Slot machines were banned in Idaho in the 1950’s. There has been a continual battle of instant horse racing slot machines. Horse race betting has been legal since 1963. In 2013, the Legislature approved a machine for the instant horse racing. Lately it seems the lawmakers are feeling duped that these instant horse racing machines are too closely resembling the slot machines that are banned.

However, the Idaho Lottery has been able to bring out these Touch Tab and Pull Tab units and placing them in businesses. Anytime the Idaho Lottery decides on placement of machines or standard lottery games, the business employees must go through background checks and the application goes before an advisory board. This process can take several months to complete.

The machines are already proving to be highly lucrative since their first installation in Idaho in 2011, according to the Idaho Lottery. As with all Idaho Lottery games and units, a portion of profits will go to the Idaho School Permanent Building Funds throughout the state.

Terrace Lakes Resort operates the machines and handles the payouts. Everything is monitored by the Idaho Lottery electronically, however. Manager, Sean Wardle states, “We are just happy to have something new and fun to offer our visitors.”  As always, the Idaho Lottery asks that people play responsibly.

Touch Tab digital units

Touch Tab digital units