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Banks Store and Cafe Rejuvenated With New Owners

On Highway 55 at Banks-Lowman Road
On Highway 55 at Banks-Lowman Road

On Highway 55 at Banks-Lowman Road

A locally nostalgic landmark along Highway 55 at Banks has new business owners. Walking inside there is definitely a new feel with a total remodel of the business. Their Grand Re-opening was on May 16th. New owners, Stephanie and Mike Hammer have presented a new menu selection than includes breakfast and lunch/dinner. They are excited to get to know people from the local communities.

The restaurant may not look too much different on the outside because as part of the lease from the Forest Service requires that the building stays much the same including the color of the logs.  However, the inside is allowed be changed. The owners did a lot to brighten features of the eatery in a rustic, eclectic design.

Though the menu selection is not enormous, it offers something for every taste. There is a kid’s menu that includes “Grumpy Pancakes”. Many of the sandwiches and burgers are named after local landmarks and rivers. Stephanie wanted people that stop in to eat or stop at the store to “get a feel for the names of local hot spots along the river.”  Breakfast and dinner menu items are served all day. Stephanie said that she is already getting repeat customers.

Stephanie will be working with local businesses such a Thunder Mountain Line to accommodate the influx of tourists during the North Fork Championships of extreme kayaking.  TML will be stopping right at Banks to pick up riders for the viewing of the NFC and tickets will need to be managed at the Banks Store and Café. Look for more incentives from Banks Café as they grow and work with the rafting companies. The businesses are looking for fun ways to partner up.

The building itself has been an old Forest Service Building. It has stood the test of time with several Highway 55 road washouts in lower Banks during the winter of 1996 and the spring of 1997. Two buildings at Banks by the Bennett Rock rapids were washed away from mudslides.  Luckily the old Forest service building still stands and is utilized as an eating stop for tourists along the highway. The store has those essential items that travelers look for from beverages to tissues and more.

Stephanie and Mike are looking forward to a busy summer. They have ambitious plans to stay open even during the winter because of the high volume of traffic for winter activities. Their hours for the summer are 8:00am to 10:00pm. During the winter they plan to be open from 8am-8pm. Check out their Facebook page for more information and insights.